August News

Shalfleet Parish Council

August 2020


Meeting:  Traditionally no P.C. meeting is held in August. None-the-less this year a considerable amount of activity has taken place behind the scenes.

Playgrounds: By majority vote the decision was made to re-open the Newbridge and Bouldnor playgrounds. If coronavirus does significantly increase on the Island this decision will be reviewed.

Burt Close: When allocating the houses Sovereign Housing originally agreed to favour those with strong local connections. However the allocation procedures were almost impossible to follow. Houses have now been allocated with little reference to parochial needs. The P.C. is not a housing authority but on behalf on the community letters of complaint have been sent asking for the situation to be investigated. Bob Seely MP is one of those who have been contacted.

County Council Land: The County Council is under fiscal pressure. Consequently they leave some jobs undone and the Parish Council is expected to pick up the pieces. Grass cutting of Fleetway Green is one example; another is that the vegetation at Bouldnor Viewpoint needs cutting back. The P.C. did a Land Registry check and the area is owned by the Isle of Wight Council.  It has been suggested that we simply do the job and sent the bills to the I.W.C. This might, unfortunately, lead to action through the Small Claims Court. The issue will be considered at the next P.C. meeting and the Isle of Wight Association of Town & Parish Councils has been made aware of the problem.

Water Main in Station Road: The water main in Station Road, Ningwood, clearly needs replacing; it has burst a number of times over the last few years. The P.C. asked Southern Water to replace the main before the road was resurfaced. This was not done and the “new” road surface has been repeatedly dug up. On numerous occasions locals have been left without water.  On behalf of the community a letter of complaint has been sent to Southern Water.

Enforcement: The P.C. continues to support enforcement procedures within the parish. It is unfortunate that the odd individual feels that planning requirements to not apply to them.

Wellow Shelter: Thanks to the information gathered from local residents, the P.C. has found that the ‘old Air Raid Warden Shelter’ at Wellow was in fact made by Arthur New in 1955 as a bus shelter!

Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for 7.15 p.m. on September 9th 2020.  At the time of writing it is not clear if this will be socially distanced meeting or a zoom meeting. In either case the public are invited to attend.


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