Butterflies Bereavement Supporting the community

In these uncertain times, we are doing our utmost to reach out the whole community as much as possible to assure them that Butterflies is still open and providing both Bereavement Care and also our Friendship Buddy scheme across the island and we are accessible 7 days a week throughout the year.

In the ideal world, we would be posting information to you and asking if you could display in your notice boards – but these are not normal times and we are keen not to add the burden onto Royal Mail.

If possible, is there anyway that you can share the information of our community-based charity digitally or a link on your parish website? The information is attached.

We offer a full range of bereavement support services and also a friendship buddies service across the island and in these sad times, we are aware that there are people in the community who have been bereaved recently or over the years who are struggling with life and the isolation now is causing them added stress.  We are keen to reach out to these vulnerable people as much as possible

Thank you for your time and understanding

Best wishes



Registered Charity Number 1181599

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