June News

Shalfleet Parish Council. June 2021.

Meeting. The Parish Council met on June 9th. This was a zoom meeting and, at first, the start of the meeting was delayed by a number of technical problems.  With a degree of good humour the problems were overcome. The meeting then started a little later than planned.

West Wight Greenway.  Mr Graham Bliss gave a presentation regarding the current position of the proposed greenway that will, if accepted, run from Freshwater Bay to Gunville. The chair of the P.C. vacated the chair as he had an interest in the route. The vice chair took over. A host of important points were made. The route had been agreed with landowners on a voluntary basis. There is no question of compulsory purchase. Landowners will be financially compensated. The old railway line will be used where possible.  (In passing, other factors remaining unchanged, the route through Lee Farm will NOT attract financial compensation). The route will be shared by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.  The total cost is anticipated to be circa £980,000 of which the County Council has promised £400,000. Mr Bliss was thanked for his excellent presentation, he then left the meeting. The chairman reoccupied the chair

Awards of Grants. It was proposed that the P.C. should limit any grant to a maximum of perhaps £500. It was further proposed that any grants should be seen as one “offs” and not lead to the expectation of further annual grants. The proposals were firmly rejected and, consequently the position regarding grants remains unchanged.

Dictionaries. It was agreed to purchase some 23 dictionaries which will be presented to the children who will be leaving Shalfleet School this year.

Dog Fouling. In spite of dog warden activity and signage some owners (one owner?) are allowing their dogs to foul Bouldnor field.  The suggestion was offered that a children’s competition might usefully be held. The aim is to produce posters, the hope being that such activity might help increase public awareness

Fleetway Green. Following the responses from the recent survey, which showed the most support was for adult gym equipment and swings, it was decided to get prices and ask the IWC, the owners of the Green, for their permission to install them.

Roadside Verges.  A successful pilot scheme has taken place at Chillerton, whereby roadside verges have not been cut, thus allowing wild flowers to return. Clearly visibility splays will need to be maintained. The P.C. would be required to monitor such developments. The P.C. was sympathetic and will give the proposal further consideration

Next Meeting. All being well the next meeting will take place at Wellow Institute at 7.15  p.m on  Wednesday July 14th. If you wish to attend the meeting, please register with the Clerk, as numbers will be limited due to current Covid restrictions.

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