September News


September 2020

Meeting.  A Zoom meeting was held on September 9th.  One or two technical difficulties were encountered, but, with good humour they were overcome.

Bouldnor Viewpoint.   It was agreed to cut back vegetation on Isle of Wight Council Land. The bill will be sent to the IWC.  Difficulties in obtaining payment are anticipated.  (See below).

Planning.  Two planning issues were considered at some length. Recommendations will be made regarding storage at the Old Service Station, Shalfleet. Comments were also offered regarding Orchards Caravan Park, Newbridge. The comments will be forwarded to the   Planning Department who, of course, make the final decision.

Withyfields.  Some Parish Council owned trees have grown extremely large and there has been a request that they should be cut back. In addition cherry tree suckers have grown on Parish Council land.  The parent cherry tree itself is sited on private land. It was agreed to obtain profession advice on both issues.

Shalfleet Lay-by (Shalfleet House).  As an advertising strategy Yarmouth Tyres vehicles   continually park in the layby. Given the vehicles are taxed and insured the police are unable to move them on.  The parked vehicles therefore deny the full use of the layby to other vehicles, particularly lorries. The suggestion was offered that broken yellow lines should be painted limiting parking to a couple of hours. In the event the majority view of the P.C. was there was there was no point seeking the help of Highways or Island Roads.

Snowdrops. The suggestion has been made that snowdrops should be planted on the Greens at Newbridge.  It was pointed out that snowdrops prefer shaded areas; hence the Greens might not be the best sites. (It was also pointed out that the Greens are not owned by the P.C., so permission would have to be obtained anyway).    Professional advice will be sought. Other sites might be considered.

Relations with the IWC.  As a continuation of the Bouldnor Viewpoint issue discussion took place regarding relationships with the IWC.  There are occasions when the I.W.C do not maintain their own property,   presumably for financial reasons.  Hence the P.C. pick up the bills e.g. mowing the grass at Fleetway Green and clearing vegetation obscuring the view at Bouldnor Viewpoint. The proposal before the P.C. was that the I.W.C. should be informed when the P.C. is about to do such work. The bill is then sent to them and, if not paid, the I.W.C. is taken to the Small Claims Court.  This is a little more complicated than it appears because some I.W.C.  tasks are carried out under permissive, not statutory legislation.  There is also the possibility of the public being double charged for the same job. The issue will be considered by I.W.A.L.C  i.e. Parishes at County level. In addition a Government white paper is proposing changes in the responsibilities of Local Authorities.

Next meeting. Wednesday October 14th at 7.15 pm.  This will either be a social distanced meeting or a Zoom meeting. Please check P.C. website nearer the time for details: or Tel: (01983) 531491 or Email:

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