Shalfleet Parish Council December 2019 News

A meeting was held on December 4th

Fleetway Green:  During a period of austerity the IWC has passed many tasks over to parish councils. Shalfleet P.C. has requested further discussion with the IWC regarding the future maintenance of Fleetway Green.

Bouldnor Field: At the time of writing, an electricity cable is being laid in order to provide power to the new houses.  Once this has been completed the P.C. will plant a roadside hedge made up of native species.

Replacement Seat: A new seat will be placed in the play area at Bouldnor. It will be made of recycled plastic which is hard wearing and needs little maintenance.

Hoarding at Shalfleet Layby: The owner has been asked, by the IWC, to remove the hoarding. If this does not happen the P.C. has requested that enforcement take place. It is felt that to do nothing would set an unfortunate precedent. Update – pleased to report this has now gone.  

Shalfleet School: The P.C. considered the suggestion that Shalfleet School, not Yarmouth School, should move to Freshwater. The P.C. did not take a vote, but it was clear some councillors would not support such a suggestion. Councillors are aware that, in the long run, such a move will probably take place.

Water Discounts: Southern Water has a statutory responsibility to provide discounts on water bills. This applies to low income households, defined as less than £16,105 p.a.  If you are in this category the best agency to approach is the Citizens Advice Bureau situated in County Hall. Further details regarding the scheme can be found on the web at Their direct ‘phone number is 0800 027 0363

Google Maps: Unknown to most of us it is relatively easy to input road information on Google maps. This is the way Google continuously updates road information.  In effect it relies on people’s co-operation and integrity. However somebody has been abusing the system by stating that part of the main road at Ningwood has been closed.  Google Maps will try and divert you onto the Wellow-Thorley Road. The stupidity of misusing the Google system is contemptable. (With genuine road closures Highways always put up road signs).

Scams: Trading Standards draw attention to the following.

Council Tax refund; if you receive an e-mail suggesting you are due a Council tax refund do not click on return. If you do you will be asked for financial details. This is a scam.

Council Tax overcharging; you might receive an e-mail saying your property has been wrongly council tax banded.  To obtain a refund you will need to pay £165 for the service. This is a scam.

Insulation; if somebody calls at your door offering surveys for the installation of insulation please beware. This is a scam. The Council will never cold call, in genuine cases, where the Council offers help with insulation, the Council will always write to you beforehand.

Argos Gift Cards; The police warn that you may receive an e-mail offering Argos gift cards. You should beware. You will be asked for financial details. This is a scam.



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