Shalfleet Parish Council News September 2019

Men in sheds. At the council meeting held on 4th September Mr Wright, and a colleague, explained what Men in Sheds was all about. Essentially many men have found themselves isolated in the community, illness, retirement, redundancy, widowhood etc. Men in shed offer all sorts of support and opportunities from simple cups of tea, listening ears, to developing skills and hobbies. This ranges from engineering to coping with computers.   The idea originated in Australia in 1996 and today there are over 500 U.K. centres, some 14 on the island. Any male aged from 18 to 118 is invited to join. They are a network very well organised mutual self-help groups. The local address is Totland Recreation Group, Bowling Green Lane, The Broadway, Totland.  The contact number is (01983) 897352. The Parish Council found themselves extremely impressed and were keen to offer what support it could.

Fleetway Trees and Hedges.  Land Registry have been consulted and it has been established that the owner of the green, trees and hedges, is the Isle of Wight Council. The IOWC has been informed of its responsibility. The Parish Council cannot accept any responsibility.  Meanwhile people are advised to steer clear of the black poplar tree.

Bouldnor View point.  It is unclear who owns the land. Land Registry will be contacted.

Celebrating Age Festival. There will be an event held on Friday 27th September. Hopefully this copy of Village News reaches you before that date. (You are reminded that early news of parish council affairs can be obtained electronically. To register please contact …clerk@

Miscellaneous. There is continued unease regarding advertising hoardings, speeding in Station Road, retrospective planning applications, and parking on the main road in our neighbouring authority of Yarmouth. Such parking has an impact on the parish of Shalfleet.  All these matters have been referred to the appropriate bodies.  We look forward to seeing a hedge replanted on the main road alongside the new houses in Shalfleet. A wayleave agreement for electricity cable at Bouldnor is proving to be more legally complex than anticipated. A working policy is being developed to protect out Parish Clerk.  Safety issues, regarding the Parish Clerk are also been considered.

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