Shalfleet Parish Council November 2019 News

A Parish Council meeting was held on November 13th 2019:

Pollution: There is unease regarding Southern Water discharges that end up in the entire Island water ways and the Solent. It was noted that the Environment Agency do not routinely test for levels of bacteria and viruses. The Parish Council agreed to write to the Cllr Stuart Hutchinson, the Ward Councillor to ask him to take action on this matter.

Finance: Various small grants were authorized.  The main fiscal debate centred on the hedge that will eventually be planted along the frontage of Bouldnor Field. This will be a mixture of native plants. Costs were discussed.  Planting cannot take place until an electricity cable has been installed.

Fleetway Green: This is IWC land yet the Parish Council pays for its maintenance, mainly grass cutting. There was discussion whether the PC should continue to maintain the Green. It was decided to establish how other PCs deal with similar issues.

Parish Office: There was discussion regarding the future of the existing Parish Office. Issues have arisen regarding the lease and the maintenance of the building. Agreed the Chairman and Clerk meet with representatives of the Newbridge Community Association.

Trim Trail and Adult Gym:  There was discussion regarding the installation of a Trim Trail and Adult Gym at Bouldnor Field. Agreed Clerk obtain ideas and costings to bring to the PC at a future meeting.

Community Plan:  It was decided that the Community Plan would not be updated. Essentially it was felt that it involved as huge amount of effort for very limited results.

Scams:   Trading Standards draw attention to four current scams.

  1. if you receive an unsolicited mail asking you to access your Pay Pal account then don’t. This is a scam. If “you” wish to access your Pay Pal Account then make contact via www
  2. some people have received an e-mail saying they are owed money. You are invited to click on the return button and send a small amount of money in order to access the money owned to you. Do not click on the return button, this is a scam.
  3. you may receive a call from H.M. Revenue and Customs saying you are involved in fraud and that it’s a serious matter and you should call back immediately. Don’t, it’s a scam.
  4. if you receive a communication saying £600 has been transferred from your MasterCard account to another country don’t take any action. It’s a scam.

Reminder:   It can sometimes take a while to receive your copy of “Village News”. If you would like and earlier report of Parish Council affairs please do join the group of people who now receive information by e-mail.  Contact Sally Wood, the Parish Clerk at

Next meeting – Wednesday, 4th December 2019 at Shalfleet C of E Primary School at 7.15 pm

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