Shalfleet Parish Council October 2019 News

Shalfleet Parish Council October News

 Parked Vehicles Tennyson Road: At the Parish Council meeting, held on October 10th Stuart Hutchinson, the Ward Councillor, reported that the danger created by parked vehicles, was recognised and double yellow lines will be painted on both sides of the road. The lines will run from the Parish of Yarmouth into the Parish of Shalfleet as far back as St Swithins Crescent.

It was also pointed out that if drivers could afford to purchase an annual parking permit at a cost of £462, the daily parking charge became quite low. (If used every day of the year the charge is £1.26 a day).

Fleetway Green and Tree:   Cllr Hutchinson reported that the IWC accepts it is responsible for The Green. The dangerous tree will be dealt with a.s.a.p.

West Wight School Places: There was interesting debate regarding the proposals to reorganise schools in West Wight.  Worries were expressed regarding the long term future of Shalfleet C of E Primary School. In the event the Parish Council decided it did not wish to make any further representation to the Isle of Wight Council.

Bouldnor Viewpoint:  It has been clearly established that this area belongs to the IWC. There had been an element of doubt.

Newtown: Val Gwynn gave a report on many issues affecting Newtown. One of the more notable points being that rising sea level will eventually lead to flooding in the whole area.

Financial Matters were dealt with, including approving a grant of £100 to “Men in Sheds”.

Scams:  The council agreed to liaise with Trading Standards. The aim is to warn the public of the latest scams.  The latest worry centres on people representing energy companies.  They knock on people’s doors and, if allowed in, claim they can provide cheaper electricity deals.  There have been complaints that they are often pushy and have refused to leave without obtaining bank details and a signature.  If they intimidate you, you are advised to call the police.  You are also advised not to let unknown people into your home in the first place (Trading Standards suggest that anybody knocking on your door selling anything should be treated with suspicion).  Other scammers are hacking into Facebook accounts.  If you receive a message from a friend discussing financial issues it is more than possible this is from a scammer.  You are asked to treat any such message with extreme caution.

Policy:  The Lone Working Policy re the Parish Clerk was agreed and adopted by the Parish Council.

Deferred: Consideration by the Parish Council regarding The Green at Fleetway – to be discussed at a future meeting.

Burt Close, (Fleetway) Shalfleet: Tuesday 5th November 2019 4 -7 pm at Shalfleet Village Hall there will be advice given on how to purchase a shared ownership home and how to apply for a rented home on this new development.

Date of next meeting:  Wednesday 13th November 2019 at 7.15 pm at Newbridge Community Centre

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